Upcoming Teaching Events

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Embodied Space
Rainbow Heart

with Barbara Märtens and John Rockwell
April 1-12, 2023
Dechen Chöling, Limoges, France

This ten-day retreat will weave together mahamudra sitting, Maitri space awareness, outdoor walks, creative exercises, talks, discussion groups, and spontaneous happenings.

Blossoming by Nature
Four Invitations to Creativity

with Arawana Hayashi and John Rockwell
May 5-11, 2023
Sky Lake Shambhala Center, Rosendale, New York

A springtime retreat in the beautiful Hudson Valley and Shawangunk Mountains. Five full days of sitting meditation and compassion practices, walking in nature, social presencing theater and conversations, and spontaneous delights. These are the four invitations to pacify, enrich, magnetize, and let go.

A Month of Meditation: Shamatha-Vipashyana Dathün

With John Rockwell and Matilda Perks
August 19 – September 17, 2023
Dorje Denma Ling, Nova Scotia

A month of group meditation practice is a wonderful way to train and open our whole being. The practice of shamatha-vipashyana (mindfulness-awareness) meditation is at the heart of the training. Silence or functional talking, eating meals in the shrine room using the Zen monastic practice of oryoki, talks by the teachers, and regular meetings with meditation instructors are also central to this retreat.

Confusion is just a gust of wind
which swirls over our wakefulness.  

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche