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Thinking” – The Power of Labeling

Overcome by ignorance from beginningless time,
Clouded by stupidity due to laziness . . .

~ Karma Chagme, Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos

February 25, 2022 at 5:30pm (use the time zone converter at the link below to find your correct local time)

For Shambhala members – part of the end of year series leading up to Shambhala Day 2022

Continually caught in our thoughts, we can feel clouded and overwhelmed in meditation and in life. In this practice session, talk, and discussion, we will tune into a basic part of our meditation technique. Labeling thoughts “thinking” might seem primitive, a beginner’s approach. Yet Chögyam Trungpa once said, “ . . . you can have ati style labeling, . . . mahamudra type labeling . . .” The most basic can also be the most profound and powerful.

Embodied Space, Rainbow Heart
Mahamudra and Maitri

In-Person Retreat: April 5 – 16, 2022
Hosted by Dechen Chöling in France

Led by Barbara Märtens and John Rockwell

This ten-day, in-person retreat open to all will weave together mahamudra sitting, Maitri space awareness, outdoor walks, creative exercises, talks, discussion groups, and spontaneous happenings.

Sacred Land, Sacred Body
Stillness and Movement

A springtime 3-day retreat
Begins 5:30 pm, Wednesday, May 4th
Ends with lunch, Sunday, May 8th (for Mother’s Day!)

All are invited; no prior experience is needed.

The Hudson Valley is renowned for its beauty since the time the Lanape people lived here. Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center invites you to join Arawana Hayashi and John Rockwell for a springtime 3-day retreat to celebrate the stillness and creative movement in nature, in our bodies, and in our minds.

Sitting meditation and teachings will be the central  offering, enriched with movement practice, time in nature, and creative activities that explore stillness and movement in the four elements—earth, water, fire, and wind. We will join the space of meditation with writing, visual art making, and social art making—a way to bring sacredness into the everyday challenge of our life today. 

Confusion is just a gust of wind
which swirls over our wakefulness.  

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche