The Bone of Existence: The Path of a Lonely Buddha

Once a meditator picked up a bone in a charnel ground, and wondered how this bone came to be. Upon reflection, they realized it came from someone dying. Then how did death come to be? This lone practitioner proceeded step-by-step to penetrate their direct experience. Ultimately, they came full circle to realize the root of their confusion and suffering. Four talks.

These talks and materials are offered to anyone.
If you find them of benefit and would like to make a teacher’s gift, you are welcome to do so.

Overview of the Course

This course has four talks. Each talk has a “quotes and notes” document that gives readings and contemplations. These are best read before listening to the talk. The first talk also has the main reading, “Wheel of Life: Illusion’s Game” by Trungpa Rinpoche, as well a line drawing of the wheel of life and a helpful chart for understanding it. The final “quotes and notes” are to be read after you have listened to all the talks. This will also explain the significance of the last two documents. Enjoy!

Talk 1 Materials:

Talk 2 Materials:

Talk 3 Materials:

Talk 4 Materials:

Final Materials: